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Siege social: 4, rue MBC, Lathan, Bon Repos, HT6312, Téléphone/Whatsapp/MonCash: (509)38407775. Email:

Télescope chez astroshop

We need your help

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The Haitian Astronomical Society needs your help to reach some goals.
We need to reach Haitian community for education in astronomy.


Your donation can be of any value and will go towards helping us to increase our influence in localities all over the country for Haitians who are as curious or even as passionate as you are about astronomy but have little means to pursue it. 

We accept many kind of donation.

You could send money via MonCash if you are in Haiti

Pou voye lajan bay Société Haïtienne d'Astronomie nan 50938407775, depoze lajan an (100 gdes ) sou kont ou kay yon ajan, fe *202#, chwazi Voye Lajan. Apati 250HTG, wap jwenn 10 minit Digi-Digi GRATIS!

  • It could be "Direct Money", sent to us as check (to Société Haïtienne d'Astronomie) or in cash via Western Union (just drop us a message to let us know)
  • Support our activities thru "Fundraising"
  • "Direct Bank Deposit" or wire transfer in our account (UNIBANK SWIFT Code: UBNKHTPP) in the name of Rulx Narcisse:
    • Unibank U$ Account: 272-2016-10605400
    • Unibank GDES Account: 272-2015-10782894
    • Info about UNIBANK: 
      • Boite Postale 46
      • HT6110 Port-au-Prince, Haïti
      • Siège Social:
      • 157, rue Faubert Pétion-Ville,Haiti HT6140 Boite Postale 46, Port-au-Prince, Haiti Tel: (509) 2299-2050 à 2299-2089 Fax: (509) 2299-2069 

  • "Buy products from our associate store "SHASHOP"
  •  Télescope Skywatcher N 130/900 Explorer EQ-2

    This telescope "Skywatcher N 130/900 Explorer EQ-2" is an example of material that could be found on this site.

  • The Haitian Astronomical Society (Société Haïtienne d’Astronomie) is pleased to accept gifts of stock alsoMaterial of any king related to astronomy or science education (used astronomical books or tools, posters, etc) could be sent at our Adresse:
      • Société Haïtienne d'Astronomie
        4, rue MBC
        Lathan, Bon Repos
  • Or counseling about astronomy or management or fund raising

Société Haïtienne d'Astronomie
4, rue MBC
Lathan, Bon Repos

Phone +509 38407775

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